Some things you want to do on Fop's Alley are not obvious to everyone. So below are some basic walkthroughs. Click on the links below to take you to each topic.

For a detailed explanation go to the Detailed Help

How to sign up to Fop's Alley
How to put your work on Fop's Alley
Adding Downloadable Artwork
Accessing the Administration site
Navigating the Administration site
Changing your Artist Name

How to sign up to Fop's Alley.

Signing up to Fop's Alley is pretty simple. From the home page click on the green "Registration" button at the top of the page

sign up 01

Then input your details in the form that comes up. You will have to scroll down as there's more fields than we could fit on one screen.

The fields you must fill in are:

Personal Details
First Name
and Last Name
Paypal Email
Date of Birth
Tick the checkbox
below Date of Birth
Majority Products Category
Your Address
Address 1
Post Code
Region / State
Password and Password confirmation

Go to the Detailed Help for more information on these fields

sign up 02Check the "I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions" box and click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the screen to sign up.

How to put your work on Fop's Alley

Once you've finished setting up your profile you can start loading your Artwork onto Fop's Alley.  Whether you already have artwork loaded or not the same process applies to add new artwork.  To do this you will need to access the Administration part of this site.  How to log on to the Administration site is noted below.

menu bar 02Once logged on to the Administration site you will first be shown any artwork you have loaded.  If you're not on the artwork screen you can get there by selecting "Manage Artwork" under the Artwork menu item.


add art 01On the right just below the menu bar click the "Add new artwork" button.


There are a number of compulsory fields in the page to add new artwork which are marked with a red asterisk (*).  Below is a list of these fields, those we recommend should be filled in and those you're likely to use.

General section

* Artwork name
Main Artwork Picture
Clicking on the word browse will open the Image Manager. For details on using the Image Manager go to the Detailed Help.

Data section

* Model
This is the price you intend to charge for the artwork, it does not need to be filled in but we strongly recommend that you charge for your artwork.

Costs section

The items in the Costs section are to help you keep track of how much the artwork is costing you so a fair price can be charged.  You do not have to fill in any of these items.

Links section


To add a category to your artwork begin to type the category (or sub category) and a list will appear of the matches found. You can add multiple categories.

Attribute section

Here you can add a YouTube video clip or SoundCloud audio clip to your artwork items page. Video clips must be on YouTube and audio clips must be on SoundCloud. Paste the URL of the clip into the appropriate place.

Discount section

You do not need to fill in any of these fields

Additional Pictures of Artwork section

If you want to have more than one picture for displaying your artwork, click the Add additional pictures button and add pictures the same way as your main picture.

Go to the Detailed Help for more information on these fields

save 01Once you've updated all the fields you want to, scroll back to the top of the page and click on the blue save button on the right just below the menu bar.


Adding Downloadable Artwork

Help for adding downloadable artwork is coming.

Accessing the Administration site

The Administration site for Fop's Alley is used for uploading or updating your artwork, updating your profile and reviewing any sales you've made as an artist.
There are 2 ways to access the Administration site.

1) Go directly to

login-menu 2) From the Fop's Alley site.  Login normally  Click the green button at the top of the page which says "Hi" and  your name.  This will bring up the user menu.  Select either "My Profile" or "Manage Artwork" 


Both of these option will take you to the Fop's Alley Administration site, enter your userid and password to log on. 

Navigating the Administration site

To move between the various screens on the Administration site use the dark grey menu bar.

menu bar 01

Some menu items have a sub-menu to select from, others do not. The items you will most likely use are Manage Artwork under the Artwork menu and Update Details under the Personal Details menu.


Changing your Artist Name

Your Artist name is the name the general public can search on and will see when viewing your pages on Fop's Alley. Unfortunately the software we are using will not allow you to change your Artist Name, but we can change it for you.

If you want to change your Artist Name send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the request and we'll do it for you.