Detailed Help

Some things you want to do on Fop's Alley are not obvious to everyone. So below are some walkthroughs and explanations. Click on the links below to take you to each topic.

How to sign up to Fop's Alley
Changing your Artist Name
Accessing the Administration site
Navigating the Administration site
How to put your work on Fop's Alley
Using the Image Manager
Adding Downloadable Artwork


How to sign up to Fop's Alley.


Signing up to Fop's Alley is pretty simple. From the home page click on the green "Registration" button at the top of the page

sign up 01

Then input your details in the form that comes up. You will have to scroll down as there's more fields than we could fit on one screen.

Some of the fields you must fill in are:

Artist: This is your artist name as the public will see and can search on. If you're a band this would be your band name, for a writer your pen name, etc. You will need to contact Fop's Alley to change your artist name.

Username: This is the user name you will use to access the site.  This is not your artist name, that is further down the registration form in the Address section.

First Name and Last Name: Your actual name.

E-mail: The email address we can contact you on.

Paypal Email: We require that you have a Paypal account to join the site.  This is the email address you use to access Paypal, we need this so the money from purchases can be forwarded to you.  We do not want a password, do not give your password to anybody.

Telephone: In case we need to call or message you, please provide a valid number.

Date of Birth: We require this to allow you to view age restricted material.  We ask that you be truthful here and tick the checkbox below this field to indicate this is your real date of birth.

Majority Products Category: If you're not planning on selling anything on the site you still need to select something here, perhaps select what you plan to look at or buy.  For Artists selling artwork select what the majority of you work will be.

The Social Media Links do not need to be filled in but they will provide links from your Fop's Alley page to whatever you put a link in for. They can be updated later.

For your address details, please provide your actual address in case we need to mail something to you.

Tell us more about your company: This is where you can write some words about yourself. It is just plain text and can be altered by yourself later if you wish.

Password and Password confirmation are both the password you will use to access the site. They need to match.

sign up 02Check the "I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions" box and click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the screen to sign up.


Changing your Artist Name

Your Artist name is the name the general public can search on and will see when viewing your pages on Fop's Alley. Unfortunately the software we are using will not allow you to change your Artist Name, but we can change it for you.

If you want to change your Artist Name send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the request and we'll do it for you.


Accessing the Administration site

The Administration site for Fop's Alley is used for uploading or updating your artwork, updating your profile and reviewing any sales you've made as an artist.
There are 2 ways to access the Administration site.

1) Go directly to

login-menu 2) From the Fop's Alley site.  Login normally  Click the green button at the top of the page which says "Hi" and  your name.  This will bring up the user menu.  Select either "My Profile" or "Manage Artwork" 


Both of these option will take you to the Fop's Alley Administration site which looks like the following screen.

 admin logon 01

Enter your userid and password to log on to the Administration site. Once logged on you'll see a screen similar to the one below.

admin 01


Navigating the Administration site

To move between the various screens on the Administration site use the dark grey menu bar.

menu bar 01

The menu items are below.

Personal Details: This menu accesses Update Profile, User Information and Change Password.

Artwork: The items under this menu are for your artwork.  Used to access Manage Artwork and Manage Downloadable Artwork.

Sales: Orders and Transaction are under this menu to help you know what's been bought

Dashboard: Displays some summary statistics on your art sales.

Reports: A couple of reports on artwork being viewed and sold.

Customer Website: Will open a new tab to the Fop's Alley customer website.  You'll need to log in if you haven't already.

Help: Opens a new tab with this help page.

Logout: Logs you out of the Administration site.

There's also a logout link in the top right of the screen.  You need to click on the text. 


How to put your work on Fop's Alley

Once you've finished setting up your profile you can start loading your Artwork onto Fop's Alley.  Whether you already have artwork loaded or not the same process applies to add new artwork.  To do this you will need to access the Administration part of this site.  How to log on to the Administration site is noted above.

menu bar 02Once logged on to the Administration site you will first be shown any artwork you have loaded.  If you're not on the artwork screen you can get there by selecting "Manage Artwork" under the Artwork menu item.


add art 01On the right just below the menu bar click the "Add new artwork" button.


There are a number of compulsory fields in the page to add new artwork which are marked with a red asterisk (*).  Below is a description of the various fields.

General section

Artwork name:  This is the title of the work.  It will be visible on the site and able to be searched on.

Description: Describe this piece to the public here.  This will appear when people view the artwork.  There are some options for formatting the text.

add art 02Main Artwork Picture: This is the image that will appear as an icon and will be the main picture on the page displaying the work.  Click on the word "Browse" to open up the Image Manager.  Select and Image already uploaded or upload a new image and select it.  Full help on the Image Manager can be found below.


Data section

Model: This will appear as "Product Code" on the page displaying your artwork.  If you're unsure what to put here you can put or something to describe the type of artwork (Single, Album, Painting, Print, Sculpture, T-shirt, etc) or they style (landscape, portrait, novel, poetry, Jazz, etc).  It is mainly to help you sort your artwork.

Status: Defaults to "Enabled".  If you don't want this piece of work displayed on Fop's Alley (maybe temporarily unavailable), click on the down arrow and select "Disabled"

Price: This is how much you want to charge for the artwork but does not include any tax or shipping.  This field is not mandatory but if you do not put anything in this field then the item will be free and you won't get any money for it.

Tax Class: As we're an Australian company we only have 2 tax classes here, "None" and "GST".  GST is a flat rate 10% added to the price.  If your tax is a different rate we suggest it be included in the price and a note put in the description of the artwork.

Quantity: Simply how many are available for purchase.  For unique or one-off items this should be 1.

Minimum Quantity: If for some reason you require that a minimum number be purchased in any transaction you can force that here.  We suggest you mention this in your description of the item.

Subtract Stock: If you want the Fop's Ally site to keep track of the number of items available then set this to "Yes".  We strongly suggest this be set to "Yes" for one-off items so they can only be purchased once.  For digital download items we suggest setting this to "No" unless you want to limit the total number of downloads.

Out Of Stock Status: What message do you want displayed of the stock level reaches zero?  "Out of Stock" will prevent people from placing orders, the other options will allow people to place orders which you will have to fill.

Date Available: This piece of artwork will not be able to be purchased before this date.  As our servers are located in Australia this will be based on our time.

Costs section

The items in the Costs section are to help you keep track of how much the artwork is costing you so a fair price can be charged.  You do not have to fill in any of these items.

Artwork's Cost: This is how much the artwork costs you.

Included Shipping & Preferred Shipping  Method: These are the shipping companies either included or preferred by yourself.  There is no need to use these fields as they are not utilised by the Fop's Alley site.

Shipping Cost: How much it will cost you to ship or post the artwork.

Total: This is calculated on the Artwork's Cost and Shipping Cost.

Links section

Categories: Here you can select which categories on Fop's Alley you want this item of artwork to appear under.  You can select multiple categories.  Unfortunately you must have an idea which categories you want to use, the software we utilise will not provide a list here.  However they are the same categories as appear on the "CATEGORIES" menu on the left of the Fop's Alley customer site.

To add a category to your artwork begin to type the category (or sub category) and a list will appear of the matches found.  For example in the image below the letter "L" has been typed and two categories have been found.  In this case "Paintings & Illustrations > Landscapes" is being selected.

cat menu 02

In this example the artwork will not appear under " Paintings & Illustrations", only under the Landscapes sub category.  To have it appear under " Paintings & Illustrations" you must add that category as well so the list looks like this:

cat menu 03

The order does not matter, and if you want to remove a category just click on the red circle.

Stores: Make sure the Default box is ticked.

Downloads: This is used for downloadable items and will be described in that help section.  Does not need to be used for non-downloadable artwork.

Related Artworks: This is used to display at the bottom of this items page other artwork of yours which is similar or the same type.  Begin typing the title of the artwork you want to add and a list will appear, you can select the artwork you want to add.  You can add multiple items and click the red circle to remove artwork.

Attribute section

Here you can add a YouTube video clip or SoundCloud audio clip to your artwork items page.

Video Sample YouTube: If you want to put a video clip of your art on it's page you can put the URL for the YouTube clip here.  This clip can be whatever you want, discussing the artwork, showing different angles, an example of performance art, music video clip, whatever you want.
If you're unsure how to get the URL, go to the YouTube page for the clip and one it starts to play right click on the video, select "Copy video URL", go back to the Fop's Alley Administration page, put your cursor in Video Sample: YouTube and paste (or Ctrl-v).

Audio Sample SoundCloud: As with the video you can put an audio clip up for your artwork.  The audio clip must be on SoundCloud for this option.  Paste the URL for the audio clip here.  The format is usually  For music we strongly recommend that only a short example or a low quality clip be used here to prevent someone downloading the whole song.

Age Verification Required?: Tick this box if the artwork is of an adult nature or should not been be seen by those under 18 years of age.  If you are unsure then it would be wise to tick this box.  If Fop's Alley determine that this box should be ticked for your artwork we will make this adjustment on your behalf.

Do not use the "Add Attribute" button, it has no function on this site but unfortunately our software requires it be here.

Discount section

If you wish to apply a discount to this artwork for a period of time then click the "Add Discount" button and fill in the Quantity, Price, Start and End dates as appropriate.

Additional Pictures of Artwork section

If you would like more than one picture of your artwork to be available you can add them here.  These will appear as small icons below the main picture and will be larger when clicked on.

To add an additional picture, click on the blue "Add additional pictures" button.  This will add a section like the below image.  Click on the word "Browse" to bring up the Image Manager.  Select or upload and select the image you want to display.  The process needs to be followed for each additional image you want to add.  Click on the blue 'Remove" button to remove the image.  Put numbers in the "Sort Order" to change the order the images appear on the artwork page.

add additional 01

save 01Once you've updated all the fields you want to, scroll back to the top of the page and click on the blue save button on the right just below the menu bar.


Using the Image Manager.

The Image Manager come up whenever you want to select a picture for your profile or an artwork item.  For a picture to be used on Fop's Alley it must first be uploaded to the Image Manager.  Any pictures you load into the Image Manager will only be visible to you, other artists will not be able to access them.  Additionally when these images are displayed on the Fop's Alley website they will have a Fop's Alley logo added to them to protect against downloading.

There are limits to the size of the pictures you can upload.  Pictures must be JPG format, less and 300k and a maximum size of 550x550 pixels.

The Image Manager will open whenever you click on a Browse link for a picture.  First time you open the Image Manager it will look like the following:

 Imag manager 01
You can create folders to organise your pictures or just put them all together, the choice is yours.  Click the "Upload" button to select an image to upload.  In the window which opens browse your computer to find the appropriate picture and click "open" to upload it.

Once a picture has been uploaded it you can select it for any of your pictures on Fop's Alley.


Adding Downloadable Artwork

Help for adding downloadable artwork is coming.