About us

Fops Alley exists to create a focal point for people who want to discover or expose new art.

Artists need to create, the biggest problem is finding an audience. You could be the best new artist in the world, but if no one knows your name or work, how do they find you?

Fop's Alley aims to solve this issue by becoming synonymous with new artists and their work.

  • Want to discover the next big portrait painter? Check Fop's Alley!
  • Want to commission a new and exciting sculpture? Check Fop's Alley

We want to empower artists to show and sell their work on their own terms. We want artists, if they have the talent, to live off their work.

And most of all we want to encourage new artists to create.

Our rules are simple:

Artists advertise for free!

You can blog about your work, network with other artists, discover movements that you didn't know existed.

We do not define what art is – that is up to the artist. If you hand make furniture and believe it is art, then you are welcome to advertise here. The only real rule is NOTHING MASS PRODUCED!

Mass Produced goods will be deleted from the site (This does not relate to limited runs of goods etc).

Artists pay only 1% commission to us above our costs (ie Paypal) so we can continue to offer this site as a service.

This site exists to allow people who love art access to the newest and hottest discoveries, so they can buy or commission new works – while allowing new artists to be discovered and put more money in their own pockets.

No exorbitant gallery fees, just free exposure and a small commission to allow other artists the same opportunity.

See our new artist of the week/month (depending upon user uptake). A new artist we find exciting will be promoted every week/month.

We are often asked (particularly while trying to get this site up and running) So if we aren't making lots of money – why do we do it?

Short answer is that we are artists ourselves.

We were not sure how to get our work discovered – then we thought wouldn't it be great if there was a site where you could go to find all the new artwork in the world and make your own mind up what you liked.

The site didn't exist - so this is it. We genuinely just want to create an environment that allows artists to self promote and create work in a way that is most beneficial to them. Some might think this is a big corporate thing, but it's just not – it has taken nearly ten years to get this site up and running and we hope that it is appreciated and used as it was intended, to create a centralised hub for the selling, discussion and purchasing of art.

I hope you like the site, we are always up for suggestions to make it better.