How this site works

Our rules are simple: - If you think its art, you can sell it here.

Artists advertise for free!

You can blog about your work, network with other artists, discover movements that you didn’t know existed.

We do not define what art is – that is up to the artist.  If you hand make furniture and believe it is art, then you are welcome to advertise here.  The only real rule is NOTHING MASS PRODUCED!

Mass Produced goods will be deleted from the site (This does not relate to limited runs of goods etc).

Artists pay only 1% commission to us above our costs (ie Paypal) so we can continue to offer this site as a service.

This site exists to allow people who love art; access to the newest and hottest discoveries, so they can buy or commission new works – while allowing new artists to be discovered and put more money in their own pockets.

No exorbitant gallery fees, just free exposure and a small commission to allow other artists the same opportunity.

See our new artist of the week/month (depending upon user uptake).  A new artist we find exciting will be promoted every week/month.
An artist logs in and advertises their work.

They can blog, upload video of them creating their work, talking about it – whatever they like basically.  Their account is theirs to use as they please.

Due to the number of new artists advertising on the site, new and dynamic buyers/galleries etc come to our site, log in as buyers and purchase artists work.  (Artists are able to buy other artists work through their account).

After we pay our fixed costs (Paypal basically), we extract 1% commission then pass everything else onto the artist.

We request that work advertised on our site is advertised exclusively on our site, and we rely on the honour system for commissions.  We hope that artists will be honest enough to help keep this site open for other artist to get their chance.