Terms and Conditions

As mentioned – the rules are simple:

  • Artists advertise for free!
  • You can blog about your work & network with other artists for free.
  • We do not define what art is – that is up to the artist.  If you hand make furniture and believe it is art, then you are welcome to advertise here.  The only real rule is NOTHING MASS PRODUCED!
  • Mass Produced goods will be deleted from the site (This does not relate to limited runs of goods etc).
  • Artists pay only 1% commission to us above our costs (ie Paypal) so we can continue to offer this site as a service.
  • No exorbitant gallery fees, just free exposure and a small commission to allow other artists the same opportunity.
  • We request that work advertised on our site is advertised exclusively on our site, and we rely on the honour system for commissions.  We hope that artists will be honest enough to help keep this site open for other artist to get their chance.